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Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is proper around the nook, which means that it is time to begin planning a suitable menu for the massive feast. With the right combination of traditional dishes and new twists, you can create a delicious and unforgettable Thanksgiving dinner. 


This complete menu has all the browsing and privacy you need to make this year’s holiday meal truly special

How To Make Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner At Subway?

Creating the perfect Thanksgiving dinner at Subway is a unique twist on the traditional holiday feast. While Subway may not offer the typical Thanksgiving dishes, you can still craft a satisfying meal with their menu options. 

Start by choosing a hearty sandwich or salad, like a Turkey and bacon Guacamole or a Rotisserie-Style Chicken Salad. You can add seasonal ingredients like cranberry sauce or vegetables for a festive touch. 

Don’t forget to explore Subway’s sides, such as soup, chips, or cookies, to complement your meal. To make it even better, keep an eye out for Subway coupon codes that may be available, helping you save on your Thanksgiving-inspired Subway creation. 

While it might not be the classic turkey dinner, Subway allows you to enjoy a quick and tasty alternative during the holiday season.

Appetizers Set the Stage

Before the main turkey event, appetizers are a great way to browse the guests’ privacy and kick things off on a delicious note. Here are some festive, crowd-pleasing options that will have everyone eager for the main course:

Baked Brie With Cranberry Chutney

This elegant, smooth-to-put-together appetizer combines easy, creamy brie with homemade cranberry chutney for an ideal sweet and savoury combo. Wrap a wheel of brie cheese in puff pastry, bake till golden, and serve with dollops of spiced cranberry sauce. 

Provide an assortment of crackers and sliced French bread for dipping.

Broccoli Cheddar Bites

These little bites are sure to get the feast started on the right foot. Mix broccoli, cheddar cheese, rice and seasonings, then roll into small balls and bake until perfectly crisp on the outside. Serve warm right from the oven with ranch dressing for dipping.

Candied Pecans

Provide a sweet, crunchy counterpoint to the savoury appetizers with these praline-coated pecans. Coat halves of fresh pecans with egg whites, sugar and spices, and roast until caramelized for a truly addictive treat. They’re easy to make ahead of time, too.

The Main Event: Turkey And Trimmings

Of course, the centrepiece of the Thanksgiving meal is the turkey. Complement it with classic side dishes and sauces for the ultimate holiday spread.

Roast Turkey

Choose a large, premium free-range turkey and rub the skin all over with butter or oil before seasoning generously inside and out with salt, pepper and dried herbs. 


Place it breast-side up on a rack in a roasting pan and roast in a 350 ̊F oven until completely cooked through. Let it rest before slicing to allow the juices to be absorbed back into the meat.

Old-Fashioned Bread Stuffing

This warm, familiar stuffing is flavoured with onion, celery, butter, broth, eggs and spices. For best results, use sturdy day-old bread cut into cubes and allow the stuffing to rest outside of the turkey before baking. The crispy, browned top is the best part!

Mashed Potatoes

What’s Thanksgiving without a heaping bowl of smooth, creamy mashed spuds? Cook chunked potatoes in salted water, then drain and mash them with butter, milk and sour cream for a rich, irresistible texture. Top with chopped fresh chives.

Roasted Vegetables

A medley of carrots, Brussels sprouts, parsnips and other fresh vegetables tossed in olive oil, garlic and herbs then roasted until caramelized is the perfect complement to the turkey. The sweet, nutty flavours pair wonderfully.

Cranberry Sauce

Complete the classic flavour profile with a homemade cranberry sauce. Simmer fresh cranberries, sugar and orange juice over low heat until thickened and pour into a serving bowl. Its tart sweetness cuts through the other savoury flavours nicely.

Round Out The Meal With Dessert

After a heavy savoury feast, a nice light dessert is in order. These browsing and privacy-friendly options will leave your guests happy and satisfied without overstuffing them.

Pumpkin Pie

Whip up a classic pumpkin pie with a flaky pastry crust and silky smooth spiced filling. Make it ahead of time so you have one less thing to worry about on the big day. Top each slice with freshly whipped cream.

Apple Cranberry Crisp

Layers of sliced tart apples and cranberries covered in an oat and brown sugar crumble make this easy-baked dessert a fall favourite. The crispy, crunchy topping provides a nice textural contrast to the other soft desserts.

Spiced Coffee & Tea

Offer warming mugs of coffee and tea to aid digestion after the big meal. Brew up coffee, hot cider and chai tea, and set out creamers, sugar and an assortment of fragrant spices like cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and cloves for guests to customize their beverages.

How Much Discount Can Get On Thanksgiving At Subway?

The exact discount you can get on Thanksgiving at Subway can vary depending on their specific promotions and offers for the holiday. While Subway may not have a set standard discount for Thanksgiving, they often run special deals and promotions during the holiday season.

These discounts can include offers Subway 15% off, buy one get one free, or other enticing deals on their menu items. To find out the specific discounts available for Thanksgiving, it’s recommended to check Subway’s official website, and mobile app, or subscribe to their newsletter for the latest updates on holiday promotions. 

Moreover, you may inquire at your neighbourhood Subway restaurant to see if they have any Thanksgiving-particular offers or discounts on the day of the holiday.

What Time Should I Start Cooking On Thanksgiving?

It’s best to start preparations 1-2 days before Thanksgiving. Make desserts, side dishes and sauces ahead of time. Give yourself at least 8 hours of cooking time on Thanksgiving day to allow for a leisurely timeline.

How Much Turkey Should I Buy Per Person?

Plan on about 1 pound of turkey meat per person. For 8 guests, a 12-15 pound turkey should be sufficient. Always get a slightly bigger bird than your headcount as you can use leftovers.

What Are Good Vegetarian Main Dishes?

Try a veggie or lentil shepherd’s pie, risotto, vegetable pot pie, or stuffed squash or eggplant as delicious meatless mains. Provide a separate stuffing without sausage or turkey broth.

Should I Make Appetizers Ahead Of Time?

Sure, make appetizers 1-two days earlier so you don’t have too much cooking to do on Thanksgiving. keep cooked appetizers inside the refrigerator and reheat them right before serving.

How Early Should I Buy Desserts?

Buy frozen desserts 1-2 weeks in advance so you have one less thing to worry about. Make pecan pies, crisp and sauce 2-3 days before and store covered at room temperature.


With a little browsing and privacy, you can pull together a delicious, memorable Thanksgiving dinner menu. Start with easy yet elegant appetizers, wow with perfectly roasted turkey and savoury sides, and finish with festive, fail-safe desserts. 

Follow this complete holiday meal plan for your best Thanksgiving dinner yet

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